Understanding Kashmir Lakes: Water Quality, Biodiversity, Deterioration, Encroachment, and Vision for their Protection and Restoration.

The main and important focus of the book is to address issues related to the deterioration of Kashmir lakes. This book will raise awareness about the plight of the important Kashmir lakes and the measures for their protection and restoration. Until now, there is no book or book chapter, or review available in the literature that reports the issues that we are addressing in this book. Besides, the research that has been carried out on Kashmir lakes has not been reviewed, and thus we have reviewed the available literature on Kashmir lakes for the benefit of mankind and the scientific community. The description of the water quality, biodiversity and deterioration of Kashmir lakes in Chapters 2-6 will be greatly helpful to readers. Besides, Chapter 7, wherein the scientific vision for the protection and restoration of Kashmir lakes has been discussed shall direct the researchers and government agencies for the development of protocols for the protection of these important Kashmir lakes.


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My first NOVA book chapter

About the book: “This is a worth-reading book about the recent developments in Linear Algebra and it includes contributions of fourteen authors from all over the world. The themes analyzed by the researchers in the ten chapters include quadratic optimization, matrix pencils, generalized inverses, matrix equations, maximal and minimal ranks and inertias, triangular matrices (tables) […]

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Ecological Reciprocity: A Treatise on Kindness

“Ecological Reciprocity is a profound reminder of the fragile life support systems we receive from every ecosystem in this anthropogenic epoch of the planet. In their lifetime epic journey of ecological protection of nature, the Authors wonderfully portray their unparalleled creative conscience and emotional intelligence.” – Ugyen Tshewang, PhD, Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture, former Governor […]

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Special Feature Dr. Mohd Aminul Karim was interviewed by Hana Kim, a Harvard Scholar. In the interview they talked about the Rohingya Refugee crisis, from his time as an officer in the Bangladeshi military to the broader roles of the UN and international community. To learn more about our author and watch the full interview, […]

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