Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Microbial Communication and Microbiota-Host Interactivity: Neurophysiological, Biotechnological, and Biopolitical Implications

“A fascinating and contemporary book about networks and how microorganisms communicate and interact. This book has a plethora of interesting and thought provoking facts. Although it contains many technical words and biological jargon, the text is still understandable and it keeps the reader captivated. The analogy between the microorganism and humans is allegoric… This highly informative book should be made compulsory reading for anyone interested in microbiology, gastroenterology, bacteriology, endocrinology and neurology. It could be used a supplementary text in teaching biology, medicine, and even ethology.” – Dr. Ronald Herman, Humanities, Science and English Teacher, DIS

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Human Trafficking: Beyond the Borders Into India

“An important contribution on a much neglected area, addressing human trafficking from Nepal and Bangladesh to India, and the human rights challenges posed. This book deserves to be widely read.” – Satvinder S. Juss, Professor of Law at King’s College London, UK

“This book, through its empirical works, is an evidence-based examination of sex trafficking to include the identification of specific travel routes, and modus operandi as applied to this most significant crime against humanity. A welcomed addition to any course on sex trafficking.” – Kimberly A. McCabe, Professor of Criminology at University of Lynchburg, USA

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Cold War: Global Impact and Lessons Learned

“Allison L. Palmadessa’s Cold War: Global Impact and Lessons Learned (2019) appears at a timely point in human history. It offers a patchwork of insights about the Cold War; what are lessons learned from these particular works and do the lessons learned enable better handling of human tensions, and also provides some very insightful extracted themes.”READ MORE…Published in C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020). Reviewed by Shalin Hai-Jew, instructional designer, Kansas State University, USA

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An Introduction to Capstone in Applied Analysis: A Fundamental Guide for Students and Instructors

“This is an excellent reference for anyone interested in applied analysis, especially for students and teachers working on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) capstone projects. It is an easy to read textbook that will help build mathematical foundations needed for capstone projects with plethora of examples in wide range of applications.” – Sudhir Shrestha, Ph.D., Department of Engineering Science, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California

“A surge in undergraduate and capstone research has been noticed in the past several years. This is due to the great explosion in the advancement of technology. The traditional class courses taken are not enough anymore. This book aims to facilitate students and instructors working in capstone and undergraduate research projects. The book is written well, carefully designed for undergraduate students in mathematics and applied sciences. We see that we are looking at a very analytic and easy to read map in the exciting area of capstone projects, written by an experienced mathematician. It is certainly a must-read book. We strongly and enthusiastically recommend it for usage in classroom or as a study guide for capstone projects.” – Ioannis K. Argyros, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma

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Shyness Logophobia Mutism: Diagnosis and Therapy

“The work by Zbigniew Tarkowski and Ewa Humeniuk is devoted to mutism, a disorder that is heterogeneous in terms of its clinical manifestations and of even more complex etiology. The authors made an effort to examine the phenomena related to mutism that are complementary to it and partly explain its complexity. A great deal of the study is concerned with the notion of shyness and logophobia, the phenomena that outstandingly explain the genesis of mutism”…READ MOREProfessor Waldemar Tłokiński

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Agroecology: Insights, Experiences and Perspectives

“It was a great pleasure to know about the present work that seeks to re-establish the link between human life and living soil, its ecological relations, bringing experiences of family producers from southern Brazil and other Brazilian regions, populations linked to land and nature. As well as current legislation, the important activities of NGOs, organic certifications, biodiversity, agroforestry systems, the use of microorganisms, homeopathy. Surely this work will interest readers who have already realized that they need to improve their way of seeing and practicing agricultural activity in an ecosystemic, syntropic, holistic, resilient, natural context, with its numerous environmental services essential to ensure superior life, including ours.” – Ana Primavesi, Agronomist, Retired Teacher at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Agroecological Consultant Patron of Agroecology in Brazil

“While Latin America remains (largely) “enferma de tranquilidad” about the increasing use of pesticides, this book is important because it shows that there is another way to reduce environmental contamination and protect people’s health. This way is agroecology.” – Rodrigo Valdez de Oliveira, Coordinator of Gaucho Forum against the impacts of pesticides / FGCIA, Brazil Federal Prosecutor

“This magnificent work was born in the cradle of the United Soybean Republic in disputed territories. In it, you understand the diametrical and temporal between the near and distant future.” – Sebastião Pinheiro, Professor Juquira Candiru Satyagraha

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Vitamin D as Progesterone-Like Hormone: Novel Applications in Obstetrics and Gynecology

“This book summarizes in a transparent manner the most recent knowledge about the role of vitamin D in reproductive medicine. The authors focus, in individual chapters, on the explanation of the role played by vitamin D during the consecutive stages of pregnancy starting from conception. It is an excellent and innovative source of knowledge for anyone assisting patients with reproductive problems.” – Artur Wdowiak Assoc. Prof., MD, Ph.D., Head of Diagnostic Techniques Unit, Medical University of Lublin, Poland

“This is a first review concerning the comparative analysis of the data about progesterone-like activity of Vitamin D in women. The book might help to understand a gap between the relationship of Vitamin D and progesterone physiological functions in human reproduction. I believe that this book gives an extensive biologic plausibility to the theory that vitamin D levels would be an effective target for fertility improvement and pregnancy outcomes. It appears that the chapter on vitamin D and its progesterone-like action for the general population may have been written based on the most recent trials. However, many questions still remain and will likely fuel ongoing investigation and debate. Are there benefits to vitamin D supplementation regarding fertility outcomes? What is the true benefit on pregnancy outcomes for vitamin D administration in the women population? These questions and others in both fertility and pregnancy will likely keep the book open on vitamin D for the foreseeable future.” – Julia Fedotova, Professor, PhD, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia

“To date, Vitamin D is fully considered a secosteroid hormone, since it acts on several cellular mechanisms through both genomic and non-genomic pathways. Indeed, accumulating evidence suggests that both calcitriol and, its direct precursor, calcidiol, play a pivotal role to maintain metabolic, hormonal and immune homeostasis in different tissues and microenvironments in humans. In addition, several pieces of evidence support the paramount importance of Vitamin D compounds in human reproduction, both for male and female fertility as well as for several key events such as decidualization, oocyte developmental competence, embryo implantation, placental framework formation, and immune regulation at the maternal-fetal interface. In this scenario, this new book provides a comprehensive summary of the complex mechanisms orchestrated by Vitamin D, from the basic science to the clinical application. I think that this book could be considered a real milestone for gynecologists, obstetricians, endocrinologists, diabetologists and experts of reproductive medicine, since it can be truly helpful to guide the decision-making process in the clinical practice through an evidence-based approach.” – Antonio Simone Laganà, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “Filippo Del Ponte” Hospital, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy

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Technology Management in International Entrepreneurship: Innovative Development and Sustainability

“Overall, I believe the book is intensely rich. As a historical reference, it provides a vivid, first-hand view of life during the absolutely insane, brutality of Nazi Germany. As an auto-biography I was particularly intrigued to learn more about the depth of the author’s incredible experiences and the direct ties to the multifaceted view of who he is as a person in all his complexity. It was also extremely interesting to follow the philosophical perspectives within a complex existential web. The connections between realities, thought and behavior were also very compelling psychology revealing deep understanding of human behavior. The linguistic descriptions were also extremely colorful, descriptive and captivating.” – Stephen D. Steinhaus, PhD, HRA Consultant

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When Life Expectancy Is Falling: Mortality Crises in Post-Communist Countries in a Global Context

“Falling life expectancy is one of the most serious economic and social problems facing post-communist countries. This insightful book is a must-read for policymakers, researchers, and general readers interested in the causes and consequences of this mortality crisis. It also offers a number of concrete and specific policy directions for those countries to overcome their demographic challenge and more broadly, regain their economic and social vitality and dynamism.” – Professor Donghyun Park, Principal Economist, Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, Asian Development Bank

“A profound comparative study on life expectancy and the complexity of factors influencing its changes, especially the cases of decline in some countries in an era when economic progress should extend lifetimes. With the intellectual lead of professor Vladimir Popov as the editor of the volume, the book provides unique insight into an issue that ought to be a matter of concern not only for social policymakers but of all accountable people interested in fundamental global affairs. After all, this is about life and death.” – Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko, Kozminski University, Warsaw; author of Whither the Word: The Political Economy of the Future

“A cornucopia of information and explanation concerning the relationship between economic policy and mortality, especially in Russia, China and India. A controversial but nevertheless valuable resource for evidence-based economic and social policy.” – Michael Ellman, Emeritus professor University of Amsterdam

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Mathematical Modeling of Real World Problems: Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Mathematics

“The book is a compilation of a number of scientific papers providing a view on how mathematics can be applied to model some real world problems. In depth analyses and discussions are given by researchers applying wavelet to environmental problems, to water management and in medical sciences. The book can be recommended as a reference ‘handbook’ for those working in applications of data processes and in engineering applications.” – Honorary Professor Donald Gabriels, Ghent University, Belgium with the UNESCO Chair on Eremology

“The proposed book looks very interesting and covers a variety of subjects like environment, water management and medicine. Such interdisciplinary topics could prove to be useful to many researchers working in these fields.” – Professor Dr. Pammy Manchanda, Guru Nanak Dev University, India

“This book serves as an up-front review of mathematical modeling of real world problems and interdisciplinary studies in applied mathematics that not only scientists, engineers, planners, social scientists but also everyone can read and understand the real world problems. The content ranges from environmental problems to medicine and their interaction to mathematical implementation. Thank all contributors who ensure such extended and comprehensive study.” – Professor Dr. Hasan Saygin, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

“This book covers a broad spectrum of applying mathematical tools to solve problems in the real world, mainly in the environmental and medical sciences. I am very interested in chapters about the application of wavelet to the time series analysis and the use of numerical models to the meteorological and environmental studies. I believe that this book will be a valuable reference for those who work on or are interested in data processing and data mining researches.” – Professor Dr. Lin Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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